Thursday, October 16, 2008

in the reins

yeah, not too much hope for me writing my words instead of thinking them. my days are filled with all that makes me sleepy and slightly boring. i enjoyed this day though, because i spent it with so many people that make me happy, and because sleep is about to happen. i can't wait to start out fresh, tomorrow. maybe if i uploaded a picture, this post would have more of an impact.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

posture, and american football

okay, so i know that a lot of time has passed by since i last posted, but, i honestly have to say that it feels as if my last post was just yesterday, and i have lived a lifetime in just that one day.

this is what i am thinking about:

one. i need to run, and stand up/ sit-up straight. i have only used my gym membership twice. i have had it for almost three weeks. i have to remember that my work is work, and that no matter how physical it is, it is not exercise.

two. autumn nights, and listening to my standard fall play lists that include american football, pinback, built to spill, and the newly added(but already a classic)sea wolf.

three.the economy, the future(i am excited for it), and politics. oh, and what i will eat in the morning.

four. the importance of posting my words, instead of imagining what i will post.

five. the winter coming early with the departure of two of my closest confidants: my favorite little bird, j.woolard, and the best personal assistant a girl could ask for, t. word.

six. i will have so much more, tomorrow.

Monday, February 18, 2008


i treated myself to taking the day off... the swollen eyelids i am suffering from aided in the decision. i slept -in later than usual, and began my minimalist diet with a salad of albacore and salad greens. i can't help but looking around my kitchen, admiring all of the food i can't eat. i have constant visions of (valentines day) shortbread and chocolate dancing in my head. ..and i am well aware of the fact i cannot even have a taste of either for at least a month. produce isles are going to have to qualm all of my unnatural cravings. instead of eating a bread and chocolate phinney bar, i ate two bananas, a roasted sweet potato and roasted cabbage. i still have half of a day to go...yes, on my official first day.

the first week is always described as the hardest.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


so, after what could easily add up to being two thirds of my life, i am finally going to tackle the food allergies that i have. i have endured many of the tell-tale symptoms; the intestinal, sinus, lung, joint, and skin issues have "plagued" me for over twenty years. my passion for food (namely cheese, sugar, and chocolate) has driven me to look past what havoc it can all wreak on my body. this past week has been one of my worst yet, convincing me to finally face my there life after gluttony?
after just finishing off four bite-sized vosges caramels (only because their expiration date is in less than a month), i am anxiously anticipating the morning. i am officially beginning my elimination diet to find all of the irritating food in my life. over the next month, i cannot consume any dairy, grain, legumes, nuts, citrus, alcohol, coffee, tea, refined sugar, or any fruit or vegetables that i currently eat more than once a week. i know, this sounds insane, but the thought of what i might find is almost more consuming than my appetite.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


a quick drive to chicago, tonight.  i am most thankful for the fact that dan the man was with me, otherwise, i might have lost my mind  while driving on the ice and slush.  i love fridays...i like finding the radio stations that celebrate the eighties, i like hearing dan reinvent those same songs on the guitar, and i like shoveling snow.  now, i am about to transform the first floor into a party for my dylan and max to wake up to...i am going to turn saturday into a pajama-jammie-jam ...a day of crazy decorations, lounging in jammies, and so many treats that they will bounce of the walls...why haven't i moved here yet?