Monday, July 16, 2007

queen anne

part of the joy of being self-employed is the flexibility my schedule provides. today, i finished up at noon and treated myself to lunch at the cafe, which is located inside of the louisville antique mall. there is almost an air of exclusive secretiveness when climbing the two flights of stairs to it.

i ate half of a queen anne, which includes homemade benedictine, cucumbers, and lettuce( i requested no bacon) on artisan walnut wheat bread. also, a cup of the tomato dill soup (which might be a tad too creamy for the summer heat), tortilla chips, and a chocolate chip cookie(barely, because it tasted like a typical commercial baked good...shortening instead of butter, not great quality know the type).

needless to say, i reveled in going somewhere i haven't been for three years and followed it up with letting the sun kiss my face. the face that was still smiling because of lunch.